Partially Open Access

All journals listed below are partially Open Access, which means some articles may be available through subscription or purchase.

  • Fungal Biology is a partially Open Access publication sponsored by the British Mycological Society and covers all contributions relating to fungi and fungus-like organisms. The umbrella covers “biochemistry, biodeterioration, biotechnology, cell biology, developmental biology, disease control, ecology, environment, evolution, fungal physiology, genetics, genomics, geomycology, insect pathology, medical mycology, molecular genetics, mutualistic interactions, physiology, plant pathology, secondary metabolites, taxonomy and systematics, and techniques.”
  • Fungal Biology Reviews, sponsored by the British Mycological Society, provides an international perspective on fungal and fungi-related research.
  • Fungal Ecology has a macro focus, publishing articles that investigate fungal population dynamics, fungus-plant relationships, genomics, conservation and biodiversity, remote sensing, bioremediation, biodegradation. Ideal for the researcher more concerned with fungi-plant interactions.