Fully Open Access

All journals listed below are fully Open Access, meaning all resources are free of charge. 

  • One of the largest and most prestigious Open Access Microbiology journals, Frontiers in Microbiology encourages an interdisciplinary approach to examining the microscopic world. Excellent for research concerning fungal relationships with other microorganisms.
  • Journal of Fungi is completely Open Access and peer-reviewed, supported by the Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI). The scope is rather large, covering pathogenic and parasitic fungi, molecular phylogeny, fungi and health, toxicology, and soil fungi. Any given publication may include articles referring plant-fungi interactions, human-mold interactions, and fruiting body yields. Book reviews are also welcomed.
  • Medical Mycology Case Reports are exclusively devoted to publishing case reports concerning medical or veterinary diseases attributed to fungi.
  • Relatively new, the Mycosphere Journal of Fungal Biology is a completely Open Access peer-reviewed journal covering broad aspects of fungal biology and lichens. The publication also includes book reviews, methodology papers, taxonomies, and checklist surveys. The publication makes an effort to include high-quality illustrations. Highly browsable, but difficult to search within the journal. To search, use the doaj.org interface.
  • Plant Pathology and Quarantine focuses almost exclusively on plant-fungal interactions, tracking new diseases, case reports, and taxonomies.