Recommended Myco-Lit

Largely non-fictional accounts of foragers, growers, and enthusiasts the world over.

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Mycelium Running is a bookshelf standard. In college, a friend went through two separate copies after the first became illegible from overuse.

Entangled Life: How fungi make our worlds, change our minds, and shape our futures. NYT bestseller, and thoroughly absorbing read,

The Secret Life of Fungi serves as a narrated treatise on the interconnectedness of nature. An approachable entry point for the beginner.

Mycophilia: Revelations from the weird world of mushrooms may well show you something new. Written by an established, embedded mycologist, this book is THE book to gift to the enthusiast in your circle.

Chanterelle Dreams, Amanita Nightmares is a terrific entry point for the skeptic. It’s a quick read with narrative, recipes, and how-tos.